Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy

Because massage should not be a luxury!


Your first visit - $40 for a 60 min massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue)

Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy Services

Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy proudly offers the following massage services:

Massage Membership - Our massage membership program makes it easy to achieve lasting results while receiving an even better value. Massage membership benefits apply to family members, as well. The membership program is optional, and we guarantee the same high quality of service to both members and non-members.

Swedish Massage  - This traditional type of massage is used primarily for relaxation. Benefits include: increased circulation of blood and lymph, decreased stress levels, and fewer aches and pains. Light to firm pressure may be used.

Deep Tissue Massage - This type of massage is used to address issues in specific regions of the body. If you have any postural distortions, or you experience chronic pain in one or more areas of your body, deep tissue massage may be appropriate. Each layer of muscle will be systematically worked, looking for adhesions (knots), bound fascia, trigger points (hypersensitive areas), and tightness.  A firmer pressure is typically used.

Reflexology - Reflexology establishes that the body's glands, organs and muscles are mapped to points on the feet ("reflexes"). The therapist can relieve pain and discomfort throughout the body by manipulating these points on the feet.  This type of massage works well for areas that are too painful for traditional types of massage, or for clients who prefer to stay fully clothed.

Prenatal Massage - This type of massage is used to relax the expectant mother.  Light to medium pressure, as well as a side-lying position, will be used. This type of massage is only done during the 2nd or 3rd trimesters.  No massage will be performed in the 1st trimester.

Pricing can be found by clicking on the link for that service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check, and cash (in the exact amount).

If you must use American Express, please notify us.