Bloomington-Normal Massage Therapy

Find Your Path To Wellness

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Brian Fitzgerald

My name is Brian Fitzgerald and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy and a Personal Trainer with Dust to Glory Fitness. As former Martial Art instructor, Police Officer, Trainer and Coach for the Department of Labor, I have spent my career helping people. When travel took over most of my business and personal life, I realized that I was out of balance and I needed to ground and recenter my life. While working to achieve a more healthy balance in my life, with my interest in wellness and massage, I began a new venture into the study of massage therapy. I have a strong desire to bring wellness and massage therapy to anyone who appreciates the benefits or is in pain or needs improved function. I have a truly unique set of skills that I share with my clients, it comes from a core belief in the importance of positive energy and the impact it has on wellness and health. I believe this is vital for individual happiness, something we all deserve and can achieve. Let me help you find your path to wellness!


Your first visit - $60 for a 60 min massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue)