Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy

Because massage should not be a luxury!

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Client Reviews

6/26/14 - I had my first massage from Hillary and I am impressed! I felt that she really took her time to understand my problem and from the moment she put her hands on me, I knew I wasn't going to get a "cookie cutter" massage. Hillary was really good at finding my "knots" and worked them in a way that released them without being painful. Relaxing and effective work. I will be back!   -Megan H.

8/11/2014 -  I am also a massage therapist, and Hillary is who I set up my regular massages with to keep my body in working order - that speaks volumes in this field! Hillary is definitely not "cookie cutter". Every massage is catered to your needs for that specific day. She LISTENS! So many other therapists feel like they need to dig in and cause pain to get results because they just "can't help it". Well, if I tell Hillary that I don't want digging, I never get digging. I get gentle yet great results. If I tell Hillary that I want to relax and maybe even sleep a little, I feel like I'm on a cloud within 5 minutes. Hillary takes time for each of her clients. She genuinely cares about their wellbeing and results. She's definitely my go-to girl for massage!   -Lisa R.