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Your first visit - $75 for a 60 min massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue)

Gift certificates are available

Once you select and purchase a massage service, please text or call 309.275.2482 to schedule a date and time for the appointment. All appointments are based on availability and same day is never guaranteed. Please text the address to where you'd like the gift certificate mailed to, along with any particulars. A photo of the gift certificate will be sent to you via text, before mailing. I appreciate you choosing Bloomington Normal Massage Therapy as part of your wellness, thank you!

Polychromatic Light Therapy- Add on to any massage $35.00. Gratuity is not included in price.

Polychromatic Light Therapy-60 minute treatment session $100.00. Gratuity is not included in price.

Graston Technique Therapy- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobility Treatment for a specific region, location or group of muscles in disfunction- 60 min session $100.00 Gratuity is not included in price.

Honey Massage- Honey is applied to the skin as a detoxifying and myofascial therapy, to assist in removal of toxins while stretching and separating the layers of soft tissue- 60 min session $135.00 Gratuity is not included in price.

​​Compression Therapy- Compression sleeves are used on arms, hips/glutes/low back or legs while in a zero-gravity chair. The compression compartm​ents within the sleeves, farthest away fill first and slowly work towards the body. This cycle continues in a timed session. This assists the body in ​recovery and relaxation. Gratuity is not included in this price.

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