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Your first visit - $75 for a 60 min massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue)

This offer does not include Couples Massage

Gift certificates are available

Why Choose Bloomington/Normal Massage Therapy?

Massage memberships have become increasingly common over the last several years. This is a wonderful way for people to receive regular massage at an affordable price, but there are almost always sacrifices to the quality of care. Many facilities that offer massage memberships have small print that limits the amount of massage time you have to 50 minutes (for a 60 minute massage). They do this so that more massages can be scheduled in a day. My goal is to provide the best massage - affordability and consistency of care - with the best of an independent practice - high quality care, ease of scheduling, and always seeing the same therapist.

At Bloomington Normal Massage Therapy, what you schedule is what you get - and then some. All massages will last the amount of time you schedule; there is no fine print allowing for 10 minutes to dress/undress and consult. In addition, I will do a full assessment pre- and post- massage to better determine the source of your discomfort and which techniques are most effective. I am a firm believers in home care: after our session, I will give you suggestions for how to care for yourself between massage sessions.

At Bloomington Normal Massage Therapy, wellness, mind, body and spirit, has value. Through a variety of quality body treatments, services and therapies, the path to wellness becomes much easier to achieve. Because of this, I feel that Bloomington Normal Massage Therapy offers the best overall quality and value massage and bodywork in the Twin Cities!

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